Our Story


Mama Munchies was created with one specific goal - providing people in all walks of life a comfortable and enjoyable way to experience the power of hemp. 

Often the only options for edibles are small pieces of chocolate or splitting a half of a gummy bear, who finds that fun? All of our edibles are low to moderately dosed and infused in a full size dessert... so that you can truly enjoy every bite.

Our process is the first of its kind, not only are our edibles exact to dose but they are freshly baked, just like Mama made them.

Inspired by the Amsterdam Style Coffeeshop, we want to provide an alternative to the usual. Whether heading to the beach or going out to dinner there’s always room for dessert ;)

The Original Hemp Café

Visit the original retail and delivery location in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida along Las Olas Blvd.

You'll be able to explore our vast selection of freshly baked Delta-8 THC edibles with the guidance of our professional edible consultants.

Stay tuned for locations in Delray Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Miami & Key West.